Arrowhead Pillow

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Loomed from organic cotton grown in the western region of Turkey, this organic cotton pillow will certainly deliver on all your comfort and beauty needs. Added embroidery motif on top of its traditional weave, display characteristics from the artist's life and home village making this a unique and one of a kind design. Soft and lush, this organic cotton pillow piece would make a great addition to beds, chairs, and any resting areas where comfort is a must. Layer with multiple organic cotton pillow designs and sizes for an even more dramatic impact and to create a story of your own.

Handwoven in Turkey.

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton
Dimensions: 19" x 19" or 23" x 23"
Colors: Off White with Slate Blue
Care: Dry Clean Only

Down pillow inserts are included.

SKU: 20210087