BaTonga Binga Basket Tray - Brown Rim

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In the Binga District of northern Zimbabwe, skilled BaTonga women craft beautiful all-natural baskets from locally harvested palm leaves and wild twigs. A chic addition to the wall or tabletop, each basket showcases a subtle woven design. The BaTonga people once farmed fertile land that was flooded by the damming of Lake Karibu, so weavers displaced across the lake demonstrate similar yet clearly distinctive styles.

Handcrafted in Zimbabwe. These baskets will have slight variations in size and design due to their one of a kind and handmade nature.

Dimension: 20-21”D x 5”H

Materials: Palm leaves, twigs

PLEASE NOTE: Our baskets are shipped packed down to save on shipping costs. Easily reshape your basket by spraying with water, shape by hand, then let dry (more instructions included upon order).

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