Decorative Horn Bowl

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This artfully crafted serving bowl will store and hide all your treats and trinkets with sophistication. Our serving bowl's rich artwork details and beautiful blonde and cream palette will add an upscale accent to any room or table. This classic serving bowl can be used for jewelry on a vanity or ideal for serving sweets, spreads, sugar, salt, spices, seeds, nuts and even ice for drinks.

Mix and match with our other serving bowls for a truly unique and artistic table setting. Handmade from a up-cycled horn which has distinct markings are considered part of its natural beauty.

Handcrafted in Kenya and ethically salvaged from water buffalo

Material: Ethically salvaged water buffalo horn
Dimensions: Height: 2" Diameter: 5.5"
Colors: Blonde and Cream
Care: Hand wash only. Avoid high temperatures and harsh abrasives to preserve best condition. 

SKU: 20220334