Evil Eye Pottery Vase

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Since the time of the Phoenicians, fine quality glass have been produced in Turkey in primitive glass furnaces. In time eye motifs began to be used on these glassware, resulting in the first charms against the evil eye. For thousands of years glassware with eye motifs were used by the various civilizations that rose and fell in Turkey, and these charms spread to many other cultures beyond Anatolia. Traditional crystal charms are created by pouring layers of crystal glass in four different colors. Using a mandrel, molten glass is lifted up and poured onto a flat plate. A new color is added before the lower layer has cooled, and this process is repeated for each new color. Creation of these free form objects requires a team of four people to work in synchrony. Every evil eye glassware produced by this method is unique.

Glassworks produced using the traditional methods and skills of master glassmakers during the Ottoman period. The most nostalgic group in the Historical and Cultural Glass Collections. As well as identical reproductions of antique glassware, there are pieces with modern forms inspired by them: opaque twist ware, Beykoz glassware and charms made and decorated by hand using traditional methods. Gifts that enrich their surroundings with beauty.

With its unique design, the vase can be featured in any room or decor style. 

Handcrafted by artisans in Turkey.

Materials: Heavy Glass
Color: Persimmon
Dimensions: 5"Diameter (Top) x 3"D (base) x 5"Height

Care instructions: Hand wash only. Avoid sudden temperature change to prevent shock damage.

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