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The history of the Raku technique of our ceramic vase dates as far back as the 16th century. Raku pottery is a low firing technique that originated from Japan and traditionally used on ceremonial tea wares. The modern take on this technique is to remove the pottery while it is still bright red, immediately re-igniting it at a higher temp and enclose it until it has cooled down. This thermal shock creates beautiful natural crackle patterns, unique colors, and sometimes metallic effects on the glaze. With our ceramic vase's crackling details and red colors, this one kind piece of art truly looks like it is from a world of its own. Use this ceramic vase as a vase or as-is for a decorative art piece. 

Handcrafted by Tevfik Turen Karagozoglu in Turkey.

Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: Height: 13" Diameter: 5"
Color: Red
Care: Avoid sudden temperature change to prevent shock damage. 

SKU: 2019GAL008

Tevfik Türen Karagözoğlu

About the Artist

Starting from his school years, Tevfik Türen has participated in various international and national exhibitions and competitions. The artist, who opened his first ceramic studio in 1992 in Izmir, has been performing his art in his new studio in Bodrum, Yalıkavak under the name “Deep Blue” since 2001. Karagözoğlu is also a contracted lecturer at the Muğla Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture.

Harmonizing the ceramics techniques of all times starting from the Neolithic ages with his 20-year experience and his own style, Karagözoğlu demonstrates and presents his works in various forms such as pottery, sculpture, and wall panels. He uses the Raku Firing technique in his works.