Hand hammered Turkish Coffee Maker with Wood Handle

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The art of Turkish coffee is more than just about a boost of caffeine, it is about taking the time for yourself to sit and relax or socialize, promoting a positive and healthy state of mind. Our Cezve has a long handle and easy pouring lip design specifically made for creating the perfect cup of Turkish coffee. This cezve features beautiful shiny details that will surely delight any guests and decor style. In addition to making coffee, this cezve is also a versatile cooking aid and can even be used to melt down butter, chocolate, or various sauces and liquids for serving and cooking with. Combine with our serving coffee wares for a truly customized and luxurious set. 

Handcrafted by artisans in Turkey.

Material: Copper
Color: Rose Gold
Dimensions: Large/ Diameter : 3.1." Small/ 2.25"

Care: Handwash with warm water and soap. To remove patina and restore original shine buff with an acidic natural ingredient or brass cleaner 

SKU: 20210450