Serve and decor in style with this copper bowl. This copper bowl starts off with a beautiful shiny rose gold-tone and naturally develops a matte patina overuse. The patina can showcase a range of warm colors and personal touches uniquely created by its user. Our copper bowl's leather detail creates a strikingly polished and traditional finish perfect for any decor style. Copper is durable, easy to clean, and naturally resists rust. With proper care, you can proudly display this copper bowl for years to come. Use as a bowl or as is for a decorative display piece.

Imported from Turkey.

Material: Copper, Dark Brown Leather
 Rose Gold
Dimensions: Height:
 3" Diameter: 7"
Care: Handwash with warm water and soap. To remove patina and restore original shine buff with an acidic natural ingredient or brass/copper cleaner

SKU: 20191105