Organic Cotton Kids Robe

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All the comfort and coziness of our organic cotton kids robes in a mini form perfect for all the little ones in your life. This kids' robe is handwoven and made from organic cotton, ideal for gentle and sensitive skin. With its stripe edges detail, not only are these fun to wear, but our kids' robes are also multifunctional and can be worn over a swimsuit, as a light coat, as a cover over PJs, and of course after bath time. This kids' robe features two hip pockets, a long sleeve, and a secure tie.

Made in Turkey.

Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 2-3 Years, 4-5 Years, 6-7 Years and 8-9 Years

8-9 Years
Center Back Length Width: 28”
Arm Length Width: 19.5"

6-7 Years
Center Back Length Width: 26”
Arm Length Width: 18"

4-5 Years
Center Back Length Width: 25”
Arm Length Width: 16"

2-3 Years
Center Back Length Width: 22”
Arm Length Width: 15" 

Colors: Pink, White
Care: Machine washable in cold water and tumble dry low.

SKU: 2019COS14