At its core, our Ozu Ceramics collection embodies the wabi-sabi spirit of traditional Japanese aesthetics, and yet we think it’s the first impression is undeniably modern. These bijou silhouettes for intimate tea and coffee service are at once rustic and elegant, and our three unique glazes — salt, graphite, and matte clay — are equally distinctive, whether shown together or apart. The cornerstone of this collection is the inspired, three-piece Tea & Coffee Pot that is both; remove the lid and fill the inserted well with loose leaf teas to brew your favorite blend, or flip it over to use it with a size 1 paper coffee filter. The Sugar Bowl and Creamer are perfectly mismatched, each highlighted by a singularly charming little spout. Teacups are pure and simple, while the demitasse coffee cups have hand-applied oval handles. And as a bonus — use the pot and teacups for sake service!

• set of 2
• 2.25" x 2.25" x 2"
• Made of Stoneware
• Dishwasher Safe
• Made in China

SKU: 20201497