Vintage Jajim Lumbar Pillow

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Add beautiful and artful textures to any space with our long kilim lumbar pillows. We search all over the different regions of Turkey for unique colors and timeless patterns to curate a truly authentic space of your own. Each kilim lumbar pillowcase is hand-selected and cut from traditional loomed flat weave hand-embroidered rugs, making each one sustainable and rare. Simply nothing else compares when it comes to bringing in one of a kind and cozy touches to chairs, beds, and sofas. Group multiple kilim lumbar pillow designs for an even more dramatic impact.

Handmade in Turkey.

Material: 100% Wool
Dimensions: 24" x 41"
Colors: Multicolor Embroidered
Care: Dry Clean Only

Down pillow inserts are included.

SKU: 20210107