Veta Vera Lace Bins / Set of 3

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Talented basket weavers in the northern Bolga region transform tough strands of Veta vera grass, also known as elephant grass, into shapely baskets. Featuring an intricate lace weave, these baskets come in a lovely set of three.

Sold as a set of three nesting baskets.

Handcrafted in Ghana. These baskets will have slight variations in size and design due to their one of a kind and handmade nature.

Small: 10.5"D x 10"H
Medium: 12"D x 11.25"H
Large: 13"D x 12"H

Materials: Elephant grass

PLEASE NOTE: Our baskets are shipped packed down to save on shipping costs. Easily reshape your basket by spraying with water, shape by hand, then let dry (more instructions included upon order).

SKU: 20201280