Selamlique Turkish Coffee

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Product Description 

Processing method: Sun-dried.

Roasting method: Traditional fine Turkish coffee grind obtained using stone grinding mill. 

Caffeine content: 1.2 %

Store in a cool, dry place.

Tasting Notes : Characteristics of traditional Turkish coffee, balanced acidity, light body, medium intensity of flavors, creamy finish.

Imported from Turkey 

Turkish Coffee Culture
Turkish Coffee is the only type of coffee served with grounds and has a unique identity and tradition with its taste, foam, smell, cooking and serving.
It is known that coffee spread all over the world from Southern Abyssinia at the beginning of the 14th century. The beverage obtained by boiling the coffee fruit, especially in the Arabian Peninsula, has gained different coffee flavors with new preparation and cooking methods. The meeting of the Turks with coffee was with the conquest of Cairo in about 1517. Coffee has been one of the defining elements of the Ottoman lifestyle since the beginning of the 16th century, and the coffeehouses that were opened brought an important vitality to city life and created a coffee culture.

It was Turkish coffee that introduced Europe to the drink in the sixteenth century. This finely grinded coffee is brewed with its grounds in the pot, and a certain amount of time is allowed for them to sink to the bottom of the small service cup with foam on the surface. Turkish coffee is preferably sipped slowly, without a hurry, and served with no sugar, but a small piece of Turkish delight. If sugar is preferred, it must be added whilst brewing the coffee. A heart-to-heart talk can be considered the best side dish for this particular coffee. A Turkish saying goes so far to claim that coffee is just an excuse for the heart’s real desire: conversation.

A TRUE TURKISH DELIGHTAlong with an exquisite taste and smell, Turkish coffee also offers little games to its drinkers. People who want to glance into the future or just prolong the conversation liken the marks grounds leave in the cup to figures ranging from trees to horses, and then interpret these according to their meaning in the Turkish coffee culture. The commentator foresees visitors coming, offers being made, problems being solved in the near future, and interprets a mark that looks like a ship as a sign of fore-coming travels. Mountains indicate adventure; giants indicate good fortune. From the stories and rituals of its hundreds of years old history to its service sets, Turkish coffee offers an extraordinary world to coffee lovers everywhere.