Merida Vintage Throw Cushion

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These vintage fabric throw cushions are exceptionally special as they feature an added embroidery motif on top of its traditional flat weave. Embroidery motifs have several meanings and can show characteristics from the artist's life and home village. This vintage throw cushion displays charming blue, red and yellow colors symbolizing protection and happiness. This beauty is not only rich in history but it will also add good luck and prosperity to any space. Even luckier if it is gifted! Group multiple throw cushion designs and colors for an even more dramatic impact and to create a story of your own.

Fabric handwoven in Mexico.
Made in Los Angeles.

Material: Embroidered Linen/ Indigo Denim back
Dimensions: 12" x 22"
Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow
Care: Dry Clean Only

Down pillow inserts are included.

SKU: 2019023