Vintage Uzbek Decorative Plate

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Circa 1899 – 1919
Size: 8.1/2″ Diameter – 1″ Deep
Uzbek ikat-inspired design glazed ceramic decorative plate of shallow round form, made by “Society of M.S.Kuznetsov” (“Товарищества М.С. Кузнецова”) porcelain and faience factory, dates to 1899-1919 according to the stamp on the backside of the decorative plate (there were various stamps and impressed marks used by Kuznetsov’s plants, depending on the period and origin of manufacture (Riga, Dulevo, Novgorod, Verbilki and others). “Society of M.S.Kuznetsov” porcelain and pottery products gained fame for their impeccable fulfillment and luxurious decor. A significant part of Kuznetsov’s production was oriented on Asian countries and the Islamic market with the aim to express the aesthetic tastes of these regions with their bright colors, rhythms, motifs, and vibrancy. This ceramic decorative plate is a good example of such inspiration and it is in fairly good condition.

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