Black Handcrafted Evil Eye Glass Beads - Small

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The Evil Eye (Nazar Boncugu in Turkish) is a handcrafted glass bead widely used in Turkey to ward off the evil eye. Evil eye bead making is primitive. Our evil eyes are totally handmade. The beads are fashioned of glass molten in ancient ovens and shaped with thin and thick iron tools to resemble an eye. 

Our evil eyes are made by artisans following a longstanding tradition of glassmaking in the in Turkey.

The Evil Eye refers to a very traditional item in Turkey, it's a blue bead used as a talisman which is believed that it would protect you against the evil eye. The color blue is believed to ward off bad luck which is why the blue front doors are common in the Greek Isles for example.

It is also considered to keep you safe from negative energy or from jealous looks of others that probably you are unaware of at that moment.

Handcrafted by artisans in Turkey.  These beads will have slight variations in size and design due to their one of a kind and handmade nature.

Length: 12"
Color: Black

SKU: 20210743