Kepenek Wall Hanging

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Kepenek Wall Hanging; Kepenek is a Turkish traditional shepherd's outer garment. It is a sleeveless, buttonless garment made of felt worn on the shoulders and covering the whole body from shoulders down. It is made of three parts: one for the back and two (the same as the back, cut in half along the length) for the front. The parts are stitched together along the shoulder lines and all the way down. Usually white, a kepenek may have some adornments. Wall Hanging Series designed as wall accessories by Quinque Design. Wall Hanging Series are all handmade. You can create interesting installations in your home with different wall hanging layouts. A new alternative to decorating the walls of your home by both ethnic and modern touches.

Since our wall hanging products are handmade, they may contain slight differences from the photos. There may be size differences due to handmade products. There may be color changes on brass surfaces.

Handmade in Istanbul.

Material: Brass, Wool
Size: 15" x 19"
Color: Gray
Care: Wipe with a dampened cloth. Do not wash. Comb to straighten. Do not expose to direct and constant sunlight.

Ships in 3 weeks.

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