Owl Cream Wall Hanging

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Owl Cream Wall Hanging; ''Kadim Beauty'' is a special wall hanging series prepared for the name fashion shoot. Owl; In Greek mythology, (Athene Noctua) represents Athena, the goddess of wisdom or Minerva, the syncretic incarnation in Rome's mythology. Owls called ''Athena Owl'' or ''Minerva Owl''; It is used as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom in the western world.

Since our wall hanging products are handmade, they may contain slight differences from the photos. There may be size differences due to handmade products. There may be color changes on brass surfaces.

Handmade in Istanbul.

Material: Brass, Cotton
Size: 14" x 20"
Color: White
Care: Wipe with a dampened cloth. Do not wash. Comb to straighten. Do not expose to direct and constant sunlight.

Ships in 3 weeks.

SKU: 80445006