Vintage Murano Sommerso Vase by Flavio Poli -circa 1960s

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Sommerso (Italian for "submerged") is the Murano glassmaking technique of creating two or more layers of contrasting glass without the colors mixing together. It is formed by dipping colored glass into molten glass of a different colour, before blowing the glass into the required form.

Murano’s long and rich glassmaking history—which dates back to the Renaissance on Murano and to antiquity when Italy was part of the Roman Empire—contributes to its uniqueness. Completely one-of-a-kind, Murano glasswork is recognized as an art form around the world and the meticulous creation process is protected and sustained by local artisans. 

Adorn your space with this vase and add a unique, bold flair to any room. 

Materials: Glass

Color: Amethyst and Blue
Dimensions: Height: 13" Width: 4" Width (at bottom)
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